Making our choice

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The path of genuine choice over how we live our lives begins with questions such as, who am I and what is my purpose? As we actively and intuitively engage with these questions, we will begin to seek out the tools that enable us to develop our potential to live the peaceful, loving and happy lives so many of us wish to experience.

Realising that every aspect of our being is connected to every aspect of the universe is crucial to this experience. Understanding the relationship between our physical bodies and the mineral, plant and animal world and the non physical aspect of our beings to the non physical world becomes a potentially fascinating experience.

Appreciating that we are here in our physical bodies for a relatively short while and that we can use this experience to learn and grow can give us the motivation to choose and to choose wisely.

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If we are committed to the path of developing our consciousness through learning and growing then we will become concerned with the type of choices we are making. Are we for the material world and all the attachments and problems this choice brings like greed, lust, divisions, judgments and hatred or are we for peace, love, happiness – our fundamental goodness.

Once we begin to engage with these realizations, we will find that there are a whole range of tools available to assist us on this journey. Meditation and yoga are two of the most common tools on offer. As there a whole range of insights and practises many of which are thousands of years old. Ultimately, we must exercise our choice over which tools work for us and which do not.


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