Taking action

15 resources to help you take action:

1. Religion Facts:Useful for learning about different perspectives on belief, faith and religion

2. Health Guide:Useful resource for developing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing

3. World Maps:Find out about other countries in the world

4. Travel Tools:Useful for getting to know the world

5. Recipe Atlas: Check out who is cooking what and where

6. You can care too: Support environmental causes and find out about animal, global development and women’s issues

7. Mood tracker: Get in touch with how you’re feeling

Image from miamiamia on sxc.hu

8. Creativity Portal: Link in to be inspired

9. Personal Growth: Benefit from the guidelines to the range of tools on offer from meditation to yoga, pilates to alternative therapies and eco-living

10. Photoshop: a handy tool for sharing your experiences

11. Live with intention: you can use this resource to track youR goals

12. Organic Gardening: Be inspired to grow your own food

13. E-Nature: Nature at your fingertips

14. Job Profiles: Stretch yourself, reach your potential

15. Freelance: If you’d like to, do it yourself


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