The path of choice

Image from nkzs on There is a growing movement based on the theme of consciousness. The idea is simple. If our consciousness is not developed, we are unconscious of ourselves as individuals. In this state of unconsciousness, we relate to our world as part of a group, a tribe, with litte regard for everything outside … Continue reading

Weili Dai

Image from Weili Dai is co-founder of Marvell technology Group Ltd, an American technology company based in Santa Clara, California, otherwise known as Silicon Valley which is a leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in the world. The company specialises in microprocessor architecture and digital signal processing which serves a number of platforms such … Continue reading

A perspective on personality

Self anaylsis is about being as objective as possible about ourselves. In his book Know Your Own Self, behavioural psychologist, Professor Hans Jürgen Eysenck attempts to assist us with doing just that by putting forth a thesis of introversion and extroversion which he believed combines with degrees of emotional stability and self determinism to determine … Continue reading

The impact of self-analysis

Image by srbichara on Peter Shepherd is the author of the book Transforming the Mind. For most of his life he has been on a journey of personal growth, which started with the study of Buddhism as a child. Although Buddhist philosophy and the practice of meditation helped him understand the value of seeing … Continue reading


Every individual is unique with their own special combination of emotional and behavioural character. Understanding what makes us function as individuals should enable us to gravitate towards experiences that give us pleasure and away from activities that do not. It can make the difference between having a job and a vocation and improving ones view … Continue reading

The business of self analysis

Self analysis is the process of evaluating what is important to our identity – what we  like, what we dislike, our personal characteristics, our values, our wants and needs and even why and how we react to certain situations. Discovering who we are helps us to understand what we want from life, from our relationships, jobs … Continue reading


Image from Astrology has been described in its broadest sense, as the search for meaning in the sky. There are those who believe that astrology began as early as man’s first conscious attempts to measure, record and predict the changes of the seasons and make reference to astronomical cycles. Although the oldest known use of … Continue reading


Image by srbichara on Personal analysis therapy is focused on feelings and values and not on behaviour, performance, solving problems or getting rid of symptoms. It is based on the idea that as human beings we have a pre-programmed ability to develop, which is activated and then nurtured through our experiences and relationships starting … Continue reading