Useful READS

WAR OF THE WORLDVIEWS: Science Vs. Spirituality

by Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow

The book features the world views of two bestselling authors – a medical doctor turned spiritual teacher and a physicist – who are attempting to tackle some of the big questions about the human being and the world. The issues under examination include questions about the emergence of the universe, what is life, Darwinism, the connection between the mind and the brain and whether God is an illusion.



by Steve Jones

This book is an exploration of the available knowledge on genetics and evolution, their impact on our social development and the contemporary issues we are faced with. The author takes us into the past, through the lens of biology, cultural, demographic and linguistic history to guide us to the present and an understanding of the process of human evolution.



by Daniel Goleman

This book is about how the rational mind and the emotional mind work together to shape our destinies. It explains why a high IQ cannot guarantee a successful, happy or honourable life. Learned optimism, multiple intelligences and innate temperamental differences all play an important role in determining the outcomes of our lives. Using empirical data, the author outlines how emotional intelligence is crucial to our relationships, a satisfying work life, physical well being and even medicine. The book proposes that a lack of emotional intelligence is the main reason for the violence that plagues our world. However, emotional literacy can be learned and we all, from parents and teachers to business leaders, have a stake in an educational curricula that teaches young people to manage their emotions and resolve conflicts.



by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse & Mark Vicente

The book is adapted from the film of the same name. It is based on the perspectives of fourteen scientists, quantum physicists and spiritual thinkers on topics such as the nature of consciousness, intelligence, reality, attitude and uncertainty and the ways in which physical, mental and spiritual forces interact to shape our experiences. The book points us in different directions that encourage us to think deeply about these questions from a scientific and spiritual perspective as well as a universal and personal perspective.



by Abdi Assadi

In this book, the author proposes that words, at worst, are lies, misleading and confusing; and at best, they can point us towards the truth. In fact, it is when we stop the chatter and quiet our minds that we are able to access what we already know, which is everything there is to know. The author draws on his life experiences of pain, suffering and repeating patterns to explore the real work that we must do if we want to develop a deeper sense of consciousness and become connected to the source. He suggests that we have experienced this connection in those moments of giving or receiving acts of kindness, in meditation or deep prayer or in creating or observing objects of beauty. It is when we stop the repeating of patterns and remember our inherent connection that we will become free from the illusion of separateness.



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