Image from ‘Intuition’ comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, meaning to look inside or within, to contemplate or to consider. Intuition is described as a knowledge or conviction gained without the evident use of reason or logic. It is a distinctive experience which allows us to access information that is not available through the five senses … Continue reading


Image from Numerology is based on the belief that reality is mathematical. It can be described as the study of numbers and their meaning and effect on our lives. The practice of numerology has been linked to ten thousand year old practices in ancient Egypt and Babylonia as well as to that of the Indian, Chinese, … Continue reading

J.K. Rowling

Image from J. K. Rowling is an internationally famous novelist, best known as the author of the Harry Potter children’s book series. She became a worldwide sensation after the first three books in the series took over the top three spots in the New York Times best sellers list. In the year two thousand, her book … Continue reading

Inspiring men and women

Motivational Quotes and Music -“The Time Is Now.” Steve Jobs explains the rules for success Michael Jordan’s Wisdom (Rare Interviews) Bruce Lee In His Own Words part one – Self Knowledge Bruce Lee in his own words part2 Women Who’ve Rocked the World

Other resources on transforming the self

Image from nkzs on Fusion of Spirit and Science Robin Sharma – Success Begins Within Robin Sharma – personal development tools Anthony Robbins interview with Deepak Chopra – Part1 Anthony Robbins interview with Deepak Chopra – Part2 Transformational Leadership

Taking action

15 resources to help you take action: 1. Religion Facts:Useful for learning about different perspectives on belief, faith and religion 2. Health Guide:Useful resource for developing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing 3. World Maps:Find out about other countries in the world 4. Travel Tools:Useful for getting to know the world 5. Recipe Atlas: Check out who is cooking what and where … Continue reading

Making our choice

Image from nkzs on The path of genuine choice over how we live our lives begins with questions such as, who am I and what is my purpose? As we actively and intuitively engage with these questions, we will begin to seek out the tools that enable us to develop our potential to live … Continue reading

Tidbits for self analysis

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